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With your donations, you allow us to develop our actions against sickle cell disease.


Clinical Research

  • Marrow transplant
  • Severity markers

Gene Therapy

  • Diagnostic
  • Marrow transplant
  • Pain management
  • Treatments

The Network Goals

Communicate on the progress made in the management of sickle cell disease and thalassemias to promote a better dissemination of information and contribute to a better training of health professionals led to take these pathologies in charge.

Promote the establishment of partnerships to overcome the difficulties encountered by some countries in the field of care and facilitate the development of research projects to contribute to therapeutic advances.

The disease

The Disease

The Disease

The sickle cell disease is a genetic disorder caused by…

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It is an autosomal recessive disease , that is to…

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Management of the disease

Management of the disease

In 1990, the sickle cell disease was recognized by the…

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Treatment usually includes a folic acid supplementation . Updating the…

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Research about microparticles

Research about microparticles

Microparticules are produced by blood cells. Whereas they were described…

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Key Publications

Newborn screening for Sickle Cell disease in the Caribbean: an update of the present situation and of the disease prevalence.

Jennifer Knight-Madden, Ketty Lee, Gisèle Elana, Narcisse Elenga, Beatriz Marcheco-Teruel, Ngozi Keshi, Maryse Etienne-Julan, Lesley King, Monika Asnani, Marc Romana, Marie-Dominique Hardy-Dessources

Point-of-Care Screening for Sickle-Cell Disease in Low-Resource Settings: a Multi-Center Evaluation of HemoTypeSC, a Novel Rapid Test.

Steele C, Sinski A, Asibey J, Hardy-Dessources MD, Elana G, Brennan C, Odame I, Hoppe C, Geisberg M, Serrao E, Quinn CT.

Prevalence of sickle cell disease among Grenadian newborns.

Antoine M, Lee K, Donald T, Belfon Y, Drigo A, Polson S, Martin F, Mitchell G, Etienne-Julan M, Hardy-Dessources MD.

Exacerbation of oxidative stress during sickle vaso-occlusive crisis is associated with decreased anti-band 3 autoantibodies rate and increased red blood cell-derived microparticle level: a prospective study.

Hierso R, Lemonne N, Villaescusa R, Lalanne-Mistrih ML, Charlot K, Etienne-Julan M, Tressières B, Lamarre Y, Tarer V, Garnier Y, Hernandez AA, Ferracci S, Connes P, Romana M, Hardy-Dessources MD.
  1. 2018

    5th Caribean Conference

    Cayenne, French Guyana
  2. 2016

    4th Caribean Conference

    Kingston, Jamaica
  3. 2013

    3rd Caribean Conference

    Havana, Cuba
  4. 2012

    Carest Network's creation

    Non-profit organization
  5. 2011

    2nd Caribean Conference

    Gosier, Guadeloupe
  6. 2008

    Launch of newborn screening for sickle cell disease

  7. 2006

    1st Caribean Conference - Prefiguration of the CAREST network

    Gosier, Guadeloupe