World Sickle Cell Day, june 19th, 2024

World Sickle Cell Day, june 19th, 2024

This page lists the events planned for the World Sickle Cell Day of 2024.

Antigua and Barbuda

For this World Day, Dr. Edda Hadeed will be interviewed during the daily TV session called “Good morning, Antigua”, at 8 a.m. Moreover, prints of the following artwork advocating for pain relief will be given to Saint John hospital, and it will be diplayed at the Emergency Room.


As indicated on the following picture, Newstalk 93 FM will devote 3 hours to the World Sickle Cell Day.


In Guadeloupe, the events are planned on two days: june 19th and 20th. Click on the button below to read the program. Moreover, a video celebrating the 10 years of Carest will be broadcast.

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