We made it: CAREST at the IXth Cuban Congress of Haematology.

We made it: CAREST at the IXth Cuban Congress of Haematology.

The challenge of organising the IXth Cuban Congress of Haematology from 15 to 19 May was met with great success by the Cuban Society of Doctors and Universities, despite the particularly difficult economic conditions. This international meeting brought together more than 500 participants from 16 countries (United States, Europe, Caribbean) to discuss a series of topics: leukaemia and other haematological malignancies, haemophilia and coagulation disorders, hereditary and acquired anaemias, haematopoietic cell transplantation, immunodeficiencies, transfusion medicine and immunohaematology, regenerative medicine and haematological nursing.
CAREST contributed by accepting the invitation to a session on 16 May to discuss the results of 10 years of the fight against sickle cell disease in the Caribbean. Discussions will continue via videoconferencing to report back to those who could not attend and to organise the next major event: World Sickle Cell Day (19 June).

We’ll talk again soon

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