World Sickle Cell Disease Day, 19 June 2021, is an opportunity to increase public knowledge and understanding of hereditary disease, which is still poorly understood, although it is very common in the Caribbean and has been recognised as a public health priority by the United Nations since 2008.

As every year, the medical community, researchers, patient associations and all stakeholders  involved in sickle cell disease are organising events around this date in order to raise public awareness.

You will find below an overview of the events organised in Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica, Guadeloupe, Antigua & Barbuda and Trinidad & Tobago

Click on the countries and territories listed below

Educational spot by the Haitian Sickle cell Association (AAFH) and the support of its donors

Three logos have been created by Cuban designers for their national celebration on June 19, 2021, the key message being “Sickle cell disease in Cuba: educate to prevent”. One of these logos will be selected for June 19, we are all invited to participate in the choice of the logo.

Indicate the logo of your choice (1, 2 or 3) in the comment section.

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10 Comments on “WORLD SICKLE CELL DAY, 2021

  1. Je préfère le premier logo !
    Belle réalisation et félicitations à tous pour votre dédicace à la cause de l’anémie Faciforme !
    Ensemble nous sommes forts !

  2. Very interesting iniciative.
    I choose the number 1 logo
    Thanks por share it.
    Dr. Rojas, from Dominican Republic, posted a vídeo about the Sickle Cell Day. Probably he sended it out of time or to another site.
    Thanks again.
    Dr. Rosa Nieves

  3. Logo # 1. Bonne initiative ! Avez vous d’autres video educatifs disponible ? Avez vous identifier ou les diffuser ? TV, media social, WhatsApp ?

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