CAREST is administered by a board of directors made up 7 - 13 members elected by the General Assembly.

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A new board was elected for 3 years during the General Assembly held june 11, 2015 in Pointe-à-Pitre (Guadeloupe)
An executive of 5 members was designated during the board held june 12, 2015.

Conseil d’Administration
Nom - Prénom Qualité Origine
HARDY-DESSOURCES Marie-Dominique President Guadeloupe
VILLAESCUSA Rinaldo Vice-president Cuba
KNIGHT MADDEN Jennifer Vice-president Jamaïque
ELANA Gisèle Secretary Martinique
KECLARD CHRISTOPHE Lisiane Treasurer Guadeloupe
BOUTIN Laurence Member Haïti
ELENGA Narcisse " Guyane
ETIENNE-JULAN OTTO Maryse " Guadeloupe
WHEELER Gillian " Trinidad & Tobago
LEE Ketty " Guadeloupe
ASNANI Monika " Jamaïque